Laser-scanner surveys and services tool of rock slope
by Alfredo Gaspari

Laser scanner surveys on rock cliffs above road SS241 nearest of Trento

Type of services: Laser scanner surveys, geomechanics analysis, volume of unstable blocks calculation, Polar-Smith diagrams, Markland Test
Place: Molveno (TN - Italy)
Year: 2012

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For the design phases of rockfall protection systems the designers have applied the laser-scanner of the cliff surveys for an area of 75ha and geomechanics tool analysis, in particular:
* Planimetric view and section;
* Polar diagrams and definition of joints (dip, diving, direction, spacing):
* Identification of unit rock volumes (VRU) and unstable rock masses;
* Mapping of areas of instability according to Markland test.


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